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Why My Truck Runs Weak Softly?

A customer drives his FAW JIEFANG light truck to my factory,  responded that the load was weak.
A engineer of Chongqing Aili Machinery Co.,LTd connected the engine to the computer,  it appears "no current failures". Broken cylinder engine works fine. Check engine data is normal. No smoke, no black smoke, etc. As the customer said that the customer cannot restart after power off the engine when he rest in the highway service area. After unplugging one of the gearbox's connectors, it starts normally. It can't start when plugged in. My technology engineer check the engine is normal, so we recommended that customer go to the 4S shop to check the gearbox.

FAW JIEFANG light truck 40K2L1, Cummins ISF2.8 engine,  it has run 465KW, feild inspect picture as below,


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