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The Engine Motor Starter of Cummins Engine QSM11

We got a call from customer today, his LiuGong excavator CLG952E can not work, the engine can't be started, he needs help from us CHONGQING AILI MACHINERY CO.,LTD. its our pleasure to do good service for him, let's get the field inspect.
1. Connect the computer, without the current failure code;
2. Start the engine at the scene, the solenoid valve has a suction sound. By measuring positive electrode, it is normal, and the measurement coil and the ground wire resistance are 0 ohm. so it can be determined that the motor starter is damaged;
3. Replace the motor and the test, the engine machine work normally.
By our technogy engineer's careful test,  the reason is the motor starter is damaged, we need exchange the engine motor starter. 


The Cummins Engine QSM11 of LiuGong Excavator CLG952E

The Engine Work Time is 5.3h, the engine looks normal.

The Engine Nameplate

The Motor Starter Test

Exchange the New Cummins Motor Starter 5367753


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