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The engine crankshaft is locked and can't be started, it is disassembled and overhauled

Equipment: CAT CT85
Engine Model: CUMMINS QSF2.8
On February 24, 2023, a customer complained that the engine could not be started. Our company immediately went to the scene to check; the oil level and water level are normal
1. Connect to the computer: Use INSITE to detect that the ECM working time is 228H, and there is no fault alarm, but the instrument panel shows 1148H on site; start the engine,
2. The motor starter did not work, and the cranking test is performed on the engine, but it cannot be cranked;
3. After dismantling the hydraulic pump and starter motor, the engine still cannot crank. It was judged on site that the crankshaft of the engine was locked, and the engine was dismantled and sent to Chongqing AILI Machinrey CO.,LTD's overhaul workshop for inspection.
2021.2.4 disassembled engine inspection
1. Disassemble the crankshaft and find that the first and second shaft diameters of the crankshaft and connecting rod are locked. Check the connecting rod. It is found that the connecting rod of the second cylinder is severely strained due to the severe strain of the connecting rod bearing. The connecting rod also has strain marks. Check the cooling nozzle. blockage;
2. Check that the diameter of the main bearing and main shaft is normal, and check that there are no traces of strain on the cylinder block and cylinder liner.
After discuss with the customer, our company replaced the crankshaft, connecting rod and other related accessories for the customer in early March. The test machine worked normally and the fault was eliminated.

Failure analysis:

Failure parts list:
Part Number Part Name Qty
4309121F Main Bearing 1
5257526F Piston Cooling Nozzle 4
5270336F Piston and rings 4
5340182F Connecting Rod bearing 4
5340588F Connecting Rod 1
5348887F Connecting Rod bearing 4
5443207F Crankshaft 1
5477660F Piston Pin 1
5563774F Oil Cooler 1
F-KCAUISF2,8GLG Overhaul seal kit 1


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