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Furukawa HCR1200-EDII Hydraulic Crawler Drill has Engine Oil Leak on Cylinder Head

Equipment: Furukawa HCR1200-EDII Hydraulic Crawler Drill 
Engine: QSB6.7
Failure information: Engine Cylinder Head Leak Oil, the White and Blue Smoke from Exhaust Pipe 
Field  inspect:
1. Check the oil leakage site, we find that the engine oil leaks from the outlet of the turbocharger to the engine.
2. Remove the turbocharger to the air pipe of the intercooler, and find a lot of oil inside.
3. Replace the turbocharger, test machine, it works normally, and the blue and white smoke disappears.
Failure conclusion: 
The turbocharger is damaged.

CUMMINS QSB6.7 Engine HX35W Turbocharger 4039636

The Cummins QSB6.7 Engine on Furukawa HCR1200-EDII Hydraulic Crawler Drill

Furukawa HCR1200-EDII Hydraulic Crawler Drill


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