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The Engine of hydraulic excavator Leaks Oil, Exhaust Gas Exclude Heavily. the Customer Asked to exch

The Engine of hydraulic excavator Leaks Oil, Exhaust Gas Exclude Heavily.  the Customer Asked to exchange a new Engine. Is it reasonble?

Failure information: Due to the failure caused by the engine oil leakage, the customer asked to exchange a new engine assembly.
Engine Model: QSM11, 
The Engine Worked Hours(MI/KM/HRS): 2139H
Equipment  Information:  Zoomlion ZE485E-10 Dydraulic Excavator
Field  inspect:
2020.xx.xx We received a complaint from the customer: the engine leakage, I arrange the service staff to the scene to check and found that the front crankshaft oil sealing was leaking, the amount of leaking gas pillar is 0.4 inch water column by the field measurement.
The client thought of that the equipment already has 3 time for maintenance during the quality warranty.
so the client does not allow us to check the reasons for the maintenance oil leakage.
The following is the history of engine maintenance:
1. 20XX.XX.XX We received customer's complaint: the engine leakage oil. Our company immediately arrange a service technician to the scene to check, and found that 1 fixed bolt (P/N: 3820988) was broken in front of the engine, and 4 bolts exit the foot and falled, causing the engine shock absorber to rub with the front machine foot. After the 4 bolts exit the threaded holes, the oil seeps out of the thread hole, so technicain replaced the crankshaft, gear chamber, gear room cover and corresponding repair kit.
2. 20XX.XX.XX Our company received a complain again: The engine and the hydraulic pump connection disc were broken many times. By our on -site measurement, the crankshaft concentricity belongs to the normal range, let client repalce a new connection disc. 
3.20XX.XX.XX Our company receives complaints from customers: the engine cannot start. Our company replaced the a oil pump solenoid valve, it works normally.
4. 20XX,XX, XX My company got the client's complaint again. We went to the scene to disassemble the engine from the device and pull it back to the factory. 
Compared with the new engine, the appearance components are inconsistent with the new engine confrontation. The components equipped by the OEM, removed on the old engine and installed on the new engine
Re -calibrate the program with the old ECU, test machine for 1 hour in my factory, and it works normally.
Pull the engine to the site installation. The test machine work is normal.
Zoomlion ZE485E-10 excavator

"ZE485E-10 excavator" "Hydraulic excavator nameplate" 

QSM11 Engine Nameplate

the old qsm11 engine

Exchange A New QSM11 Engine

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