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CUMMINS, YUCHAI, WEICHAI, KOMASTU, CATPERPILLAR...Which engine part is correct for you?

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Update time : 2023-09-28 12:54:46
Chongqing Aili Machinery is offering loader engine parts, excavator engine parts, bulldozer engine parts, grader engine parts, roller engine parts, crane engine parts, heavy truck engine parts, and cummins marine engine parts, CUMMINS, WEICHA, YUCHAI, SHANGCHAI, CATERPILLAR, KOMASTU... full engine parts:
1. Crank connecting rod mechanism: connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing bush, flywheel, piston, piston ring, piston pin, crankshaft oil seal;

2. Valve distribution mechanism: cylinder head, valve cover, camshaft, valves, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, air filter, muffler, three-way catalytic converter, supercharger, intercooler, etc.;

3. Cooling system: Generally composed of water tank, water pump, radiator, fan, thermostat, water temperature meter and water release switch;
4. Lubrication system: The engine lubrication system consists of an oil pump, water filter, oil filter, oil passage, pressure limiting valve, oil gauge, sensor and dipstick;

5. Fuel system: The fuel system of a gasoline engine consists of a gasoline tank, a gasoline meter, a gasoline pipe, a fuel filter, an oil pump, an air filter, an intake and exhaust manifold, etc.;

6. Starting system: starter, ignition switch..

7. Ignition system: spark plug, high-voltage coil...

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