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Talk About Be Thankful

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Update time : 2023-02-15 14:31:56
Knowing gratitude, bees dedicate their lives to flowers.

Green trees know how to be grateful, and finally the fallen leaves return to the earth.
Flowing water loves gratitude, and pours into the embrace of the sea without hesitation.
When we were young, we already knew gratitude.

The most common thing every child says when they are young is "thank you". When I was young, the little red star rewarded by the teacher and the candies presented by uncles and aunts were always indispensable. When I was young, I was always loved by thousands of people. So, Mom and Dad taught us to say "thank you". Perhaps at that time, "thank you" was just a word that we must say after accepting gifts from others in our hearts, and we didn't know what it meant at all. But as children, we already know that there is "gratitude".
As we grow up, we gradually know how to be grateful.
Finally, we grow up gradually, and gratitude is quietly blooming around us. The word "thank you" appears more frequently in our lives. When the teacher answers selflessly, when the classmates help enthusiastically, or even when strangers lend a helping hand, we are used to saying thank you, because we really want to thank you. Contains infinite gratitude. At this time, "thank you" is a warm current of life in our hearts.

Now, we should love to be grateful.
There is no word that can move people's hearts more easily than gratitude. Whenever I talk about gratitude, I always feel that there are thousands of warm currents rushing into my heart, and the corners of my eyes are moist. Ai Qing said, "Why do I often have tears in my eyes, because I love this land deeply." I think, maybe it's because I love and be grateful. Because of the help of relatives and strangers, I love such a beautiful and pure thing as gratitude, let me also learn to help others selflessly, and let me realize the greatness and timelessness of gratitude. Being grateful is not just accepting others' help to you, but also a general term for the help you give to others.
I think that everyone who loves life is also a person who loves gratitude, because life is never lacking in gratitude.

Walking on the country lanes lined with green trees and the fragrance of birds and flowers, we should thank nature for giving us so many beautiful creatures, so that we will no longer be lonely on the way forward; lying in a comfortable and warm home, we should thank our parents for creating a beautiful life for us. Such a warm spiritual comfort allows us to have a place to rest when we are hurt; sitting in a bright and spacious classroom, we should thank the teacher for teaching us knowledge and making us a person with a strong and rich heart. Too many fragments, too many moments, always make us moved inadvertently, so, learn to be grateful while being moved.
Walking on the road of gratitude, you will find that everything in your life will become warm, because your heart has been surrounded by warmth.
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