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About the 2 different Foton Lovol FL956F-II Wheel Loader Gear Pump 9F650-56A010000A0

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Update time : 2022-04-25 13:04:31
 Foton FL956F-II Wheel Loader Gear Pump has 2 styles even if they have the same part number 9F650-56A010000A0  which is correct?  Please refer to the photo below, and tell me which one is your style.

P 9F650-56A010000A0 hydraulic gear pump


J gear pump 9F650-56A010000A0 

Both pumps 9F650-56A010000A0 are correct and can be fitted to the foton FL956F-II wheel loader, but more equipments are fitted with the J-pump. If the customer has no special requirements or instructions, we will deliver the goods randomly. Which style gear pump is your needing, you should tell us when inquiry or order. 
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