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The first national brokerage platform in the construction machinery industry-Sany Huibao

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Update time : 2021-07-27 09:14:12
On July 22, Sany Heavy Industry held a global press conference of Sany Huibao in Changsha Industrial Park. Many construction machinery industry celebrities, media, and cooperative brands gathered together to witness the first national brokerage platform in the construction machinery industry— -SANY Huibao was officially released. Sany Heavy Industry thus kicked off the prelude to digital innovative marketing in the construction machinery industry.

  Profound inforesights to stimulate marketing innovation

   In the Internet era, the traditional construction machinery industry is facing many challenges. R&D, design, manufacturing, and marketing services have put forward higher requirements for enterprises in every link. Sany Heavy Industry is actively embracing digital transformation. As early as 2018, Sany Heavy Industry released a "digital" transformation strategy to keep up with the great wheel of the times and move forward actively. The release of the first national brokerage platform in the construction machinery industry-Sany Machine Huibao, is a major answer that Sany Heavy Industry has handed over in its digital transformation.

Before the development of Jihuibao, through professional and in-depth user research, Sany Heavy Industry found that nearly 50% of people said that "purchasing equipment is the mainstream of the industry after acquaintances", and 60% of people have said "want to buy equipment but don't know where to go." Where to buy”, and when asked “whether you are willing to earn commissions by recommending others to buy equipment”, 94% of the people answered yes. The feedback from these first-line users is the driving force behind the birth of Sany Machine Huibao. It is the profound foresights into the development of the industry and the needs of users that have created Sany Machine Huibao.

   In the era of mobile Internet and Internet of Things, "connection" is a new kind of productivity. Through Sany Machine Huibao, service engineers can connect with customers, corporate employees can connect with friends, operators can connect with bosses, and construction machinery bosses can connect with industry partners. Sany Machine Huibao connects "old users" and "new users" closely. Together, while transforming resources and connections into huge commercial value, it also brings considerable economic returns to users.

   six major functions, breaking through the marketing circle

In terms of product function design, Mr. Lu Zhiwei, director of the interactive marketing department of Sany Heavy Industry, demonstrated the six core functions of Sany Machine Huibao on the spot. He said: “Sany Machine Huibao adheres to the concept of'all customer-centric'. After fully investigating and understanding customer needs, it has determined its six core functions to ensure a smooth and friendly referral rebate experience for all users."

For example, the "Money Process Visible" function can update the user recommendation status in real time, and the whole process of commission withdrawal, business opportunity rewards, and sales follow-up is transparent and visible. The entire transaction process is within the user's visual range, making users more assured. , More trust in the platform. The "Guangsawang" function supports users' "self-marketing". A single product can be forwarded with one click and shared to the WeChat community and circle of friends with one click. The operation is simple and convenient, making it easy for marketing to break through the circle and create greater commercial value.

Not only that, Sany Machine Huibao is full of sincerity in business opportunity rewards. After confirming that the recommendation is true and effective, it will first give a 10% business opportunity reward. After the recommendation is successfully completed, you can withdraw cash on Sany Machine Huibao platform with one click, and the cash will arrive in seconds. . In addition to recommending to receive commissions, Sany Machine Huibao has also opened the function of collecting points by doing tasks, which can be easily exchanged for rich gifts in the points mall.

   Cross-industry cooperation to create multi-dimensional marketing

At the press conference, Sany Heavy Industry announced Jihuibao's follow-up series of welfare activities around users: "Super Machine Benefit Day", "August 18 Jihuibao First Jihui Festival", and "National Day". "Golden Week machine Huibao commission doubled", and the world's first koi plan, etc., a large number of benefits triggered a small climax on the scene.

Not only that, Sany Machine Huibao also joined six major brands-Ping An of China, Tongcheng Travel, JD Technology, GAC Trumpchi, OPPO, and Ele.me to help Koi plan to send out big gifts, and it will be announced by the end of December. The gift list of the Koi Project will be added one after another, which is worth looking forward to.

Mr. Liu Daojun, Vice President of Sany Group, said in his speech on stage: “Sany has always been keeping up with the times and actively practicing digital transformation. Sany Huibao is an important exploration of digital upgrades and a win-win wisdom for all parties. The company makes profit and recommends People make money and users get rich. It can connect everyone with us, let us better reach users, understand and meet their needs. I believe that Jihuibao will become a truly useful product for users, and become a Sany product and The brand’s word-of-mouth communication platform."

   The door to a new world of national brokerage in the construction machinery industry has been opened. Sany Heavy Industry invites you to go to the new future of construction machinery digital marketing.
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